Uttam Kumar Karmaker

Country: Italy - Role: Artist
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Uttam Kumar Karmaker, nothing by chance


By Anna Massinissa

Uttam Kumar Karmaker was born in Bangladesh, then he lived for many years in Italy where he studied and matured his artistic talent. He currently lives and works in England. Uttam has gone through all the stages of being an artist: from being a student of the academy of Rome and Macerata, to becoming a freelance landscape painter; then master and portraitist, abstractionist, conceptual. Nothing by chance. 

In his artistic career, as in his life, Uttam experienced a multicultural advantage that has allowed him to observe different situations, almost never simple, but always full of stimuli and enriching sensibility; that same attentive sensitivity, discreet, full of irony, but also intrusive and at times markedly emotional, which characterized and distinguished him in every personal relationship, including the relationship with his artworks and with Art.

Uttam in fact lives on multiplicity. Sometimes, apparently, contradictory, but actually never adverse. 

The technique coexists in the tables of this artist, with the impetuous will to break the rules. The graphic signs and the markings of the lines, done by violent colors, coexist, in delicate research, with transparencies and with small, simple, ethereal objects, in a system studied and designed with perfect balance. Nothing by chance, but all absolutely involuntary.

This is how Uttam expresses today: through immense painted canvases and through hundreds of large sheets of paper, each meditated and experienced by Art; like the life that unexpected and impetuous, builds the roads wherd we travel and give us knowledge, pain, but also immense wealth and the ability for both personal and stylistic balance, which can only be achieved with sacrifice, study, stubbornness, passion, irony, targeted choices and the ability to face great challenges; else by living, as Uttam lived.

The Rest

War Means Destruction

Title: winter lighting, watercolor on paper, 56x38cm, 2022

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