Maria Perdigão

Nickname: Maria Perdigão
Country: Brazil - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

Maria Perdigão


I am fascinated and fascinated to paint with watercolors and observe how water and colors touch our souls, following their deep and natural path.

Through watercolor, the world of COLORS is vividly and charmingly revealed, and with it the interiority of our psyche. Due to its qualities of smoothness, fluidity and transparency, I look for watercolor to experience the great Mission of Painting as Art of Color: to sensitize / balance our soul.

On the one hand, what watercolor can promote in terms of flexibility, and dissolution through water. On the other, for its performance through the COLORS in our emotions, in our astral body and its repercussions in our etheric body and from this to our physical body, according to R Steiner.

WATERCOLOR became my master, allowing not only to broaden my feeling about the essence of colors and their effects on the human soul, but also to transmit them.

I ilustrated the book "Casa de Vidros" by Leila Maria Capella, 32 pages, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, with 18 watercolors.

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"Campana di Venezia" 2022

"Lilazes" 2022

Male and Female - United without Fusion or Confusion; Distinguished without Separation - 56x38cm 2021

Aids Orphans I - 42x29,5cm Ano: 2020

Omaggio a Venezia IV - 31x43cm Ano: 2020

Omaggio a Venezia - 38x56cm Ano: 2020

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