Divya Suratkal

Nickname: Divya
Country: United Arab Emirates - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

The paintings of Indian Artist Divya Suratkal are an expression of her Individuality. Inspired by creativity and mélange of life, she is very passionate about art in it’s various forms and loves color. Her paintings bring about the visual diversities of life and it’s essence with a flavor of her globetrotting experiences. They portray her deep-rooted Indian culture where she grew up as a child alongside the Arabian influence where she has now been living in Dubai, UAE for over a decade. Her unique bold style reflects her personality using a synergy of vibrant colors and freshness of pigments to portray simple subjects in a creative perspective. She is the Dubai Co-Ordinator with the International Watercolor Society UAE. She loves to work in different mediums & techniques to enhance the creativity in her work. But she says: “Watercolor is my first love and always will be as it has helped me evolve as an Artist. The ambiguity of the medium is challenging yet so very gratifying.” Her works include many commissioned works and have been exhibited in various prestigious Local and International exhibitions around the world namely Hungary, Indonesia, UAE, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Brazil, Kosovo. Her watercolor works were displayed in the Four Nations International Watercolor Exhibition and have been part of the prestigious Watercolor Global Congress at FabrianoinAquarello Italy since the past five years. She had visited and exhibited her painting as a UAE team member in the International Watercolor Exhibition in Fabriano, Italy held in May’18, which was attended by leading Artists/Masters across the globe. Art for her is medium of meditation expressing her inner significance, happiness and her connection to the world. She believes “Be Inspired and Inspire Others!”<

Title : Love Lost ! Size: 56 X 38 cms Watercolor on Paper

Title : Fresh Fish Frozen Size : 56 X 38 cms Watercolor on Paper

Title : Stunning Stallion Size : 56 x 38 cms Watercolor on Paper

Title : Ravishing Rooster Size: 56 x 38 cms Watercolor on Paper

Title : Captivating Contemplation Size : 56 x 38 cms Watercolor on Paper

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