Nicolás Montalbetti

Nickname: Nico_Montalbetti
Country: Argentina - Role: Artist

Taking watercolor as a way of expression, I take the most of the virtues and defects of pigment, water and cotton paper to build the desired climate.
The unpredictable movement of the water is the main trigger of each work, in which the dialogue between the planned and the unforeseen is the creative thread and the essence of the visual message. Brush strokes that make routes, untidy wanted strokes and allowed drips are common denominators. Added to a consistent color palette in which Prussian Blue, Cadmium Violet and Sepia are essential in every work.
With this language and its well-established rules is that they describe simple moments of people's daily lives, their virtues, defects, their traces and frozen movements. The most common and expected landscapes taken from a different perspective and narrated from the infatuation of who finds in a shadow the most beautiful story. Art to tell, to thrill and generate the feeling of a specific moment. The cold and the warmth taken as an unrepeatable moment that must be portrayed to last in eternity.

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