Elena Marica (Odalina)

Nickname: Odalina
Country: Romania - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

I'm Elena Marica, from Transylvania, Romania. My nickname, Odalina, means "quiet hymn of praise" for God, of course, to whom I do not want to remain indebted in this life for the grace to paint, which he gave me as a gift, to be my relief and joy for my soul. I'm glad I discovered watercolor three years ago. This one she became my best friend and my confidante. Watercolor is an intimate diary of mine that betrays my feelings and moods ... I can't paint if I don't have any emotion of exaltation, sadness or joy in front of a landscape, a flower, or a portrait or another paintings ... If I don't feel the soul of that thing - model, I can't "dialogue" with him and I can not convey its essence in color. I live a beautiful communication "in dialogue" with the soul of the paintings of the great masters, whom I adore! Whoever looks at my paintings, in fact, looks deep into the colorful waters of my soul.
In fact, I believe that Watercolor is the silent poetry of the soul!
 Thanks God!


The state of abandonment_38x56 cm_2022

Elena Marica_The Queen_38X56cm_2021_inspirated by Queen Maria de România

Elena Marica_New friends_38X56cm_2021_Childhood memory

Elena Marica_Autumn emotion_38X56cm_2021

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