Ze Ze Lai

Nickname: Ze Ze
Country: Hong Kong - Role: Artist

Ze Ze Lai was born in Hong Kong. A watercolor artist, she has had extensive experience in the art field and design industry. Throughout her career, she has held the role of a graphic designer, an art illustrator and a publisher.

As a watercolor artist, her expertise is in painting animals, with birds in particular. Through her distinctive manipulation of brushwork and water technique, she creates dream-like and mystical scenes, capable of bringing her viewers on a journey and voyage through their imagination. In such, she aims to capture the essence and character of each little animal rather than a simple accuracy in anatomy and technical precision. It is through the creation of its atmosphere, the different feelings of happiness; sadness; or spontaneity is brought out and experienced with the viewer.

Current Position:
President of the International Watercolor Society Hong Kong (IWS Hong Kong)
Vice President of International Watercolor Society ( IWS Global )
Vice President, Hong Kong Artists Federation
Deputy Secretary General, International Masters of Watercolour Association
Founder, International Watercolor Magazine
Editor, The Treasure of Watercolor Masters Book Series
Gallery Director of Rainze Gallery in Hong Kong
Artist member of the Society of Animal Artist
Signature member of National Watercolor Society
Signature member of Northwest Watercolor Society

Winter Song 38x56cm



Interlude 38x56cm

Blue Romance 56x76cm

That Autumn 56x76cm

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