Orsola Ruggeri

Nickname: Butterfly
Country: Italy - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

Inconceivable to think of my life without the presence of drawing and painting.

"Gift of nature": I find this definition perfect. A gift that is expressed in the ancient desire to spread out on paper signs and colors. This passion has made my life better, always, reviving my joys, soothing my pains.

Artistic studies and graphic profession, always cultivating my passion and exploring various painting techniques: oil, acrylic, tempera and watercolor. The latter was a fatal landing, which allowed me to meet important masters and be welcomed into the Italian Watercolor Society (AIA).

For about two years I have been dedicating myself exclusively to watercolor: I paint daily and over time the awareness of having acquired a personal style has grown in me.

I relive reality in my own way, often with the pleasure of losing myself in what I do. There is little rationality in my work: instinctive is my choice of subject, my way of painting and the judgment of my work.

I believe that a work is fine when I feel it is mine, beyond the judgment of others or the correspondence to pre-established aesthetic standards.

At the end of the creative act comes the need for sharing. And so my painting, a medium for communicating my emotions, goes in search of other people’s emotions, seeking the empathy and complicity of those who observe it. The creative process, for me so intimate and solitary, now opens to the need to belong to the whole humanity.

I love watercolor for the flexibility and freedom it offers: water creates unpredictable games, which I often take as an unexpected help to express the most deepest and unconscious part of me.

The first exhibitions of my works and the numerous national and international awards, now encourage me to present my art to the vast and qualified audience of Fabriano in Acquarello.


The magic mountain - Watercolor on paper 56x38 cm.

Rain in the city - Watercolor on paper 51x33 cm.

Almost winter - Watercolor on paper 54x36 cm.

Dreaming Inès - Watercolor on paper 56x38 cm.

Mug in blue - Watercolor on paper 30x30 cm.

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