Olena Yermolenko

Nickname: Olena
Country: Ukraine - Role: Artist


  My name is Olena Yermolenko, born and raised in the Zaporozhye, Ukraine. A self-taught artist inspired by nature and people, a mechanical engineer by education. I am started drawing with the birth of daughter. I mainly work with graphic materials, pastel, charcoal, simple pencil and watercolor.

Participant of Ukrainian and international exhibitions since 2020

2020 - All-Ukrainian exhibition "Art Seasons in the Lavra", Museum of Books and Printing of Ukraine

2020 - 1st International Biennale of watercolor art in Poland "Your identity through watercolor"

2020 - International Exhibition of Watercolors "Living Water", Museum of Fine Arts. White

2020 - finalist and nominant of the "Special Award" of the International Watercolor Competition Step by Step, IWS Poland

2020 - All-Ukrainian exhibition "Breath of Watercolor", Historical Museum of Borispol

2020 - International Exhibition "Sea of ​​Watercolors - Odessa 2020"

Participant of exhibitions of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine 2020-2021

||| place - international competition of watercolor miniatures "Miniwatercolor Kiev 2020"

Associate Artist of Unison Colour pastels from 2020 and associate member of IWS

 From 2018-2020, 3 books with graphic illustrations by the artist were published.

thank you for attention.

Daughters - Mothers, 2020, 56×38, paper, watercolor, Ukraine 1, physical exhibition artwork.

The forest is chopped - the chips are flying, 2020, 56×38, paper, watercolor

Forest song, 2021, 100×70, paper, watercolor, gouache

Polina, 2020, 18×15, paper, watercolor

Zarina, 2021, 38×28, paper, watercolor

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