Beni Gassenbauer

Nickname: Benigass
Country: Israel - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello Leader

Beni paints luminous, figurative watercolors. This medium provides him with the necessary transparency for painting the Mediterranean light that is reflected in the brightness of the sun and penetrates the deepest shadow, creating breathtaking, intense color contrasts. Beni invites us to enter the picture and search for the hidden. He transmits to the audience his deep feelings of peace.

Beni Gassenbauer was born in 1949 in France and has lived in Jerusalem for more than forty years. He has studied with the best art masters in Israel. He has been selected to participate in many international watercolor exhibitions all around the world, including China. He had numerous solo shows in Israel, France, Switzerland and in China at the Quanhua Watercolour Art Gallery, Shanghai in 2016 and at the Ming Gallery of Art, Suzhou in 2017. 

Until 2019, he was the head of the Israeli branch of the International Watercolor Society. He is currently the leader for Israel of FabrianoInAcquarello. Beni gives watercolor classes in his studio in Jerusalem and workshops and master classes in Israel.



Evening light:56x38cm


Venerable: 56x38cm

Secret garden: 56x76cm

Renewal: 56x38cm

Grove at sunset: 76x56cm

Freesias: 56x76cm


Hidden courtyard: 56x76cm

Looking eastward: 76x56cm

Laundry day: 56x76cm

Hidden passageway: 38x56cm

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