Olga Veselovskaya

Nickname: Olga
Country: Finland - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

Hi, I'm a professional artist from Finland, born and grew up in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Master of Culture and Arts; Illustrator, Art Teacher and Interior Architect.

I think an artist conveys a part of own soul throught his/her paintings. I want the world to become more joyful and brighter, so I put the best in me into my works. 

I love watercolor and mixed techniques and specialize in painting the views of nature and the animals.

Yours, Olga

 olga (at) olgavesel.com

Breath of Wind. 56x38 cm. 2021

#2020Horizon Golden reflection. 20x20cm. 2021.

#2020Horizon Spring! 20x20cm. 2021.

#2020Horizon Toward the Dream. 20x20cm. 2021.

#2020Horizon Winter Beauty. 20x20cm. 2021.

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