Wiebke Meier

Country: Germany - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

In 2000 I discovered watercolor painting for myself 
and since then I've been fascinated by this painting technique.
I work as an autodidact and paint mostly naturalistic.
My favorite motifs I find on the North and Baltic Sea coasts
in northern Germany, Schleswig-Holstein.
I have already been able to take part in the festivals in Fabriano and Urbino
several times with my pictures.
Since 2020 I have been teaching watercolor painting on painting trips in Germany.

Wiebke Meier Island Amrum 38x56cm 2022 watercolour on paper


having fun at the beach

By the North Sea II 2021 76x56cm watercolour on paper

Island Amrum, North Sea 38x56cm 2020 watercolour on paper

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