Munrakhan bindiya devi

Nickname: Yashna bindiya
Country: Mauritius - Role: Artist



Art and Design Educator 

-Board member as artist at the National art gallery of Mauritius-2006-2021.

-Educational path- BA(hons)Fine Arts with specialization in printmaking-1999.

-Post graduate in visual arts and education and education licence- 2012.

-Masters in educational leadership and management-2021 -currently exhibiting at the cafe gallery IWS BXH GALLERY 05 april-30 april 2021

-Participating in creating online art tutorial 

Practicising artist- with the street art and nature by night private competition ;training

Mauritian fragrance- 30.7* 42.6cm . This is a mauritian endemic plant called heliconia rastrata painted in a wer on wet effect background so that you can observe the fragility and the beauty of rare nature gifts.

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