Gertrude Cecilia Newton

Nickname: Strudles
Country: South Africa - Role: Artist

As a young girl, in junior school, I won an art competition in my class, as, “The best on show”

Many years on, we recount all those occasions of preparation and the burning of midnight-oil....when we stand with mixed feelings....then throw our all into the melting-pot of public share....or to keep as our private secret. Dare to show, or dare not to


We start with a spotless sheet of white....introduce what was part of our dream....then apply some mental strokes with hair-thin charcoal lines and curves....just to begin showing us the way....but never all the way....then colour it with shades and hues....from deep within our gathered understanding


Art....the imparting of our visible and hidden translations


Springbok at waterhole

Bourkes Potholes South Africa

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