Christine Berlinson-Esser

Country: Germany - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

Born in France I have hardly spent a third of my life in my native country. After having travelled and lived in places all throughout the world - alone and later with my family - I now call Germany home.

I have always been attracted to the world of arts and have from a very young age always liked drawing, writing and playing music. In spite of an extremely busy professional life in a different direction I can now dedicate myself entirely to my passion: watercolor.

The various workshops I have been able to attend with renown artists  in the USA and in Germany have been decisive steps for the development of my skills.

Constantly looking for new directions, ceaselessly experimenting, experiencing moments of frustration, revelation and happiness have become part of my everyday life : the interaction of water and pigments on paper is an adventure full of surprises. My journey can go on.

Still life with candle

Pink tulips

Glück-Happiness is in the field 3, 56x38cm, 2021

The Düsseldorfers I: the lovers, 38x56cm, 2022

Japanese Blues, 56x76cm, 2022

Improvisation, 2021, 56x56cm, 38x56cm, 2020

I love my town I, 56x76cm, 2022

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