Malin Kämpe

Nickname: Malin_Kämpe
Country: Sweden - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

I’m Malin Kämpe and I have a deep passion of creating art and beautiful things. I love color and nature, which is truly expressed within my artworks. Every painting is inspired by it. My motifs vary - but birds and florals are my top subjects if you look through my artworks.

I am autodidact and have developed my skills by spending hours each day painting. One day I just decided - I want to paint and create beaufiful things - and from that time I have not stopped exploring art as many hours a day that is possible. I have also attended a few courses which was very valuable for me, and hope to attend more workshops in the future.

Last but not least. I have a beautiful family that takes the majority of my time, three wonderful children and a fiance (that is also wonderful of course). We live in the country with chickens, cats and bunnies - with nature right around the corner!


Heron in Lake

I Love Bird's

Blue tit´s in Alder tree, 38x56 cm

Himalayan Poppies, 50x70 cm

Flamingo's, 40x50 cm

Fox, 40x50 cm

Peacock, 50x70 cm

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