Tentolini Ida

Nickname: Iduccia
Country: Italy - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

As a child i revealed a strong artistic passion for visual art confirmed as a joung adult by a High Scool degree

as Art Teacher   at the Institute of Art  Parma Italy.

Whilst in my initial artistic career I experimented oil and acrilic tehcnique,then I focus mainly on watercolor

as the best mean to express poetry and ambiance in my paintings.

Nature ,for me,is an endless source of creative and emotional inspirations.

In 2005 I became an effective member of Italian Watercolor Society (AIA) Milano Italy, also started my teaching career.

Some recent and most important International event where my paintings were exhibited:

2010 IWS International Watercolor Festival Antwerp Belgium

2014 International Prize "Marche d'Acqua" Museo della carta e filigrana Fabriano Italy

2010-2011-2018-2019 International Watercolor Festival "Confluence" Aiguillon France

2015-2018-2020 International Art Show "FabrianoinAcquerello" Fabriano Italy

2019 ECWS International Art Show Hapsalù Estonia

2020 IWS International Watercolor Biennial Palac Lucja Poland 

2021 Ecws International Art show Ulm Germany

2021 MERIT AWARD  IWM World Contest bEngland

2020-2021 FabrianoinAcquarello

2021 IWS 1°Singapore InternationalWatercolorExibition Nomination Aword

2022 Italia -Galles International Watercolor Art show Chiavari Italy 

 2022 Mention Award InternationalWatercolor Master UK

 2022FabrianoinAcquarello 2022 selected artist Bologna Italy

2022International Watercolor Salon UCKANGE France

Nebbie colorate Ida Tentolini

Iris Ida Tentolini ITALY

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