Tentolini Ida

Nickname: Iduccia
Country: Italy - Role: Artist

As a child i revealed a strong artistic passion for visual art confirmed as a joung adult by a High Scool degree

as Art Teacher   at the Institute of Art  Parma Italy.

Whilst in my initial artistic career I experimented oil and acrilic tehcnique,then I focus mainly on watercolor

as the best mean to express poetry and ambiance in my paintings.

Nature ,for me,is an endless source of creative and emotional inspirations.

In 2005 I became an effective member of Italian Watercolor Society (AIA) Milano Italy, also started my teaching career.

Some recent and most important International event where my paintings were exhibited:

2010 IWS International Watercolor Festival Antwerp Belgium

2014 International Prize "Marche d'Acqua" Museo della carta e filigrana Fabriano Italy

2010-2011-2018-2019 International Watercolor Festival "Confluence" Aiguillon France

2015-2018-2020 International Art Show "FabrianoinAcquerello" Fabriano Italy

2019 ECWS International Art Show Hapsalù Estonia

2020 IWS International Watercolor Biennial Palac Lucja Poland 

2021 Ecws International Art show Ulm Germany

2020-2021 FabrianoinAcquarello

2021 IWS 1°Singapore InternationalWatercolorExibition Nomination Aword






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