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Country: Germany - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2024 Artist

Watercolourist by passion

My motto  "color is my life - my life is colorful" runs trough my                                                                                  life and my paintings.

In the many years of my artistic education I have learned and lived countless techniques.

But in the end watercolour crystallized as my medium.

The lively, colourful and spontaneous of watercolour is the mirror image of my inner self.

I would like to label my drawer in the painting with watercolor expressionism.

The colour detaches itself from the object - without losing it completely, the form changes and as a result the expression remains.

For me it is unimportant to reproduce what I have seen realistically, I would like to show you how I see the world. 

- with joy and love and not with criticism -

 My painting is not critical - My world is not realism, but absolutely not romantically transfigured - rather modern, colorful, perhaps a little abstract, always based on the object but never photographic.

member: IMWA, NWS, WIW


The power and magic of love


white peonies

gelbe Rosen


pink and violet tulips

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