Adriana Raimondo

Nickname: Adri Rai
Country: Argentina - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

Born on 1955 in Buenos Aires, Argentina she started with the plastic arts in 1987, trying different techniques such as oil, acrylic and mixed technique. She holds national and international exhibitions.

In 2015 she discovered watercolor and decided to focus on this technique taking numerous classes and workshops mainly with his teacher and mentor Vladimir Merchensky Arias. She found watercolor painting a new way of expression and experimentation. Most of her artwork is done on a handmade paper manufactured by herself with fibers obtained from plants.

2019 Fabriano in aquarello

2020 Muestra virtual en Nart

2021 Fabriano in aquarello

2021 IWS Iberoamérica celebra “El día Mundial de la Acuarela” Luces y sombras Monocromías.

"Mujer lejana" 38x56 cm Acuarela sobre papel hecho a mano de fibras vegetales


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