Keiko Kobayashi

Nickname: sen
Country: Japan - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

1949 Born in Tokyo

2014 Published in the catalog of the 1st French Art World Watercolor Contest 2014 Selected for US Contest Splash 17

2016 Thailand International Watercolor Biennale Exhibition Invited Awarded "Top 30 Special Certificate"

2019 Fabriano International Watercolor Exhibition Selected as ITINERANT INTERNATIONAL

Others: Taiwan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Fabriano Participated in other international watercolor painting exhibitions

Many solo exhibitions and group exhibitions every year

 Books (technical books)

"The most careful natural scenery watercolor painting course" Nihon Bungeisha Published in Taiwan, China, and Korea

"Professional watercolor painter's skill" Ikeda Shoten taiwan publication


 Feel the mountain stream flowing through the forest and the changes in the surrounding nature Represents the gentle and comfortable sunlight that shines through the trees With a sense of realism and a refreshing atmosphere as if you were in nature I'm drawing this because I want you to feel the water splashing.

Glittering Namerikawa Valley

The murmuring of Namerikawa Valley  Work size 31×41㎝ There was a wagtail basking in the sun in the murmuring of the forest.

Mountain stream with sunlight filtering through trees.  Work size 31 x 41 cm

Title:Shine of Hossawa Falls Work size 41×31㎝ I wanted to draw a moment when tha sunlight hits the waterfall.

Title: Cool breeze of Okutama  Work size 41×31㎝    Walking around Okutama In the mountain stream just below the waterfall of Ryujin that I met It was so beautiful in the sunlight.

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