Ingrid Elizabeth Albrecht

Nickname: Ingrid
Country: United States of America (the) - Role: Artist
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My Grandmother Dequisne placed a stick of pastel in my four-year-old hands so that I could paint alongside her, and unknowingly started me on the path toward a career in art.


Today, my most persistent inspiration comes from the rock writing I have seen during my travels in the Southwestern United States, Hawaii, and Central to South America, Australia, Africa and China. Mysterious petroglyphs and pictographs are universal and meaningful symbols written on the rocks by people who have long since disappeared. 


Art is my vehicle for preserving the last remaining traces of this ancient visual language that is, literally, an endangered species. When I replicate the authentic pictographs and petroglyphs I have seen in my mixed media creations on paper or canvas, I feel a relationship with the archaic artists who originally pecked them on stone or painted them on cave walls. 


Prior to becoming an artist, I taught school for fifteen years. Four years in Argentina plus one year each in Costa Rica and the jungles of Guatemala left me with a residue of beautiful imagery and a deep fondness for the native people of those countries. After teaching nine more years in Elgin, Illinois schools, I enrolled in the American Academy of Art in Chicago where I graduated with a fine arts degree in 1988. Since then I have developed a contemporary, expressive style as a Chicago fine artist specializing in watercolor.


I create my work on various surfaces: some seem stone-like, others are on handmade paper, while others are on canvas. Their irregular edges and textural qualities suggest the cave&


ON the MOVE 1 Watercolor/YUPO 22 x 15


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CITY WORKIN? Ingrid E. Albrecht, AWS, NWS, WHS

Ill BE THERE IN TEN Ingrid E. Albrecht, AWS, NWS, WHS

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