Shikha Garg

Nickname: Shikha
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Bangalore based artist, Shikha Garg has been painting and experimenting with watercolor since the past several years. Originally a Visual Communication Designer she worked with several design and advertising agencies since 1999 till she founded her own design company midniteOil Design in 2005. She worked for the next 10 years with clients across the globe honing her design and marketing skills in the process.

In 2014, while on a sabbatical she took, to spend time with her twin daughters, Shikha re-discovered her passion for fine art and started painting in Oil and Acrylics first. But exploring and falling in love with Watercolor as a medium was a wonderous and serendipitous journey of self discovery. An avid traveler, Shikha loves exploring new places with her family and translates her experiences visually through her art. A sketchbook in her hand, a new city and the sun in her face - thats heaven right there! Nature and different cultures inspire her. Shikha works now mostly with Watercolour, discovering, experimenting and falling more in love with this beautiful medium each day, painting nature, florals, landscapes...

She now combines her design and entrepreneurial skills with her passion for watercolor painting and for teaching art. She is now hoping to spread her love and enthusiasm for this medium to more and more people!

Shikha has been actively participating in exhibitions since 2018, including a small group exhibition in 2018 and Fabriano Inaquarello in 2019. During the pandemic, she have helped organize 2 exhibitions and has participated in 6 online exhibitions, Together 39, Wide Canvas 2020, Focuis Bangladesh 2020 and SM Sultan Online International Exhibition - 2020 as an honourary guest artist, Arzole : Resurgence - The World after Pandemic and online exhibition by Japanese International Watercolor Institute.




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