Emese Németvölgyi-Kolgyáry

Nickname: Mesi
Country: Hungary - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

I'm a late path finder who tries her wings that are still weak and fragile, but after more learning and practice hope to fly freely and high ...

I studied advertising, commerce and IT and worked in marketing communication for 40 years. It was only after my retirement when I became more interested in fine art (graphics, painting) and started to paint for my own pleasure. At the beginning on an autodidact way in my home environment, than developed my skills further by joining online, and various other short courses and master workshops.

As I painted more and more pictures I became more and more attracted to watercolor painting and felt an urge to learn about the magical potential of paper – water – pigment interaction, technical skills, brush handling, compositional and colour theory knowledge.

Significant milestone of my pathfinding when I completed the year long foundation course of IWS Hungary Aquarelle Academy, founded and led by Sándor Szikszai in 2017. After all I became a regular member and active participants of the various art initiatives of IWS Hungary, Aquarelle Academy and FabrianoinAcquarello local and international artist groups.

Over the past few years, I have achieved number of success in several small art  competitions. Presented my works in nearly 20 group and one solo exhibitions. My works have also appeared in several online and printed publications.

Throughout the continuous learning and practice my goal is to develop my watercolor painting skills to an artistic level, with the aim of being able to “tell in my own voice” what the countless wonders of natural and created world, body, mind and soul mean to me.

The gifts of sunrise wise men - 56 x 38 aquarelle 300g

Vineyard walk 35x51 cm 300g

Towers awakening 56x38 cm 300g

Rested 56x38 cm 300g

Silently 38x56 cm 300g

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