Tuula Kallas

Nickname: Tuula
Country: Finland - Role: Artist

Painting watercolours is my passion. I love the lightness, translucency and versatility of watercolours. That´s the magic of watercolours, I think. I’ve found my own technique and my own style.  I want to create abstract or semi-abstract art with a modern twist.

I express my feelings and experiences through painting. Elements of nature - air, light, wind or snow – have an essential role in my paintings.

I´m a solution-focused visual art therapist. I have an art gallery of my own and I´m working as an art teacher.  I co-operate with The Art Promotion Centre Finland (Taike).

I´ve had several art exhibitions of my own and taken part in many kinds of group exhibitions in Finland and other countries, too.  I´m a member of The Finnish Watercolour Society.

Frosty Seascape, watercolor on paper, 2022

Pride and Prejudice

Flying Back Home

Hot Day in Yyteri

Written to The Wind

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