Nadya Deeva

Nickname: Nadya_Deeva
Country: Sweden - Role: Artist

Hello and thank you for visiting my page.

My name is Nadya Deeva and I'm an watercolor artist placed in Sweden.
In my life I have played around with different art media  but only watercolor have captured my heart.  
My goal  is to capture the feeling I get by the surroundings inspiring me.
As an artist I'm always looking for a subtle beauty in every ordinary subject I see around.
 I'm trying to paint outside as much the weather allows me to do so. But mostly I work in my studio at home with the photos I took while travelling. 
I paint whatever inspire me here and now and I never know what subject I'm going to paint next. It can be humble flowers,  bustling cityscape, serene waters or a rustic  countryside. The only thing that matters is being honest with yourself and express what wants to be expressed at the moment. 
I started to paint about 6 years ago and feel as my journey has only just began, and I will appreciate if you would join me at this road as a friend,  colleague or just as viewer. 
Hope you'll enjoy as much as I do.
PS  All artwork you see on my page are based on my own references.


Snö i Stockholm

Ser you in Paris

Rain over Strøget

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