Anisha Heble

Nickname: Anisha Heble
Country: United Arab Emirates - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

Anisha Heble is “Celebrating the Natural World” through her art. She endeavours to capture the infinite beauty and energy of wildlife that is so fragile and vulnerable in today’s world.

The medium Anisha loves most is watercolours. The fluidity and spontaneity of watercolours along with the mastery required to control this medium motivates her to push the envelope. She believes it is a powerful medium to capture the undefined beauty of nature.  

Anisha also works in acrylics on canvas and ceramics. She is constantly experimenting with new techniques and styles.

Trained in applied art, Anisha has spent over 20 years in advertising and design in India of which she spent 15 years managing her own design studio in Mumbai. Her first love was always painting and over the last few years she has dedicated herself entirely to her passion of nature and art. Anisha donates part of her earnings through art towards conservation and animal care.

Anisha currently lives and works in Dubai. 

'Love in Paradise' is about love stories in the thickest of jungles where hardly any humans have reached. Here two Raggiana Birds of Paradise compete for a mate and looks like we have a winner!

'Falcon 3' from my falcon series. The regal Peregrine falcon glides in a windy golden sky.

'Freedom' is all any living being can ask for especially when they cannot speak or fight for their rights. The world is always a better place when all beings are free!

'Swan Lake' the dance of the swan!

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