Minh Dam

Nickname: Poildecuter Brush
Country: Poland - Role: Country admin
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

Minh Dam was born in Hanoi, Vietnam and he emigrated with his parents to Poland at the age of 7.
He graduated with master’s degree in architecture and urban planning from the Warsaw University of Technology in 2011.

He has been teaching drawing and watercolour since 2007, preparing his students for entry exams to university of art and architecture. Since 2010, he has been developing his own art studio Lineare based in Poland, where he shares his passions with many students each year. Due to his activities in education, Minh is currently one of the most influential watercolour painters of the young generation in Poland.

Minh is a co-founder of the Polish Watercolour Association, and the organizer of numerous plein-air & studio workshops in Poland and abroad.
Minh is a travelling artist. Actively, he participates in international art events and contests, cooperate with famous artists all over the world, and running his own workshops overseas, mostly in Europe and China.
Besides being an artist, Minh also works on architectural, interior design, and photography.

Minh Dam is a dynamically developing artist with heart and soul. Although most of his efforts concentrate on the watercolour techniques, he keeps on bringing his artistic involvement to whole new areas. The experiments concern not only drawing & painting, but also photography & film production.

Busy Afternoon in Lviv

Lily in Hanfu, 51x36cm, 2019

Buffalo Boy, 39x29cm, 2019

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