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Industrial Designer – She works since 1983 in the field of consultancy, marketing and communication, web, multimedia and publishing. With her team she designed communication campaigns and events for the most prestigious companies in the Italy Marche region.

In the 1990s, she taught techniques and software for digital illustration and publishing in European funded training projects. In the same years she experimented and created multimedia and animated scenographies for the theater and for the web, using the new outcaming information technologies.

In 2006 she founded the InArte Cultural Association with the aim of sharing and growing the artistic passion she has cultivated since childhood.

For InArte, in cooperation with prestigious national and international bodies and institutions, she designs and coordinates a large number of events dedicated to contemporary visual and plastic art as well as to contemporary water-based painting on paper, among them in 2010 the international year conference FabrianoInAcquarello and the Marche D’Acqua Prize.

As curator, she prefers events related to the discovery of human cultures or to her land and to "relational" art. She uses these events as a tool to enhance the cultural identities of the places in which they are set, as well as an incentive to deepen the territorial roots.

In 2014, after having participated in a large number of international exhibitions and meetings, she was appointed as Italy's representative of Iws (International watercolor society), a role connected to the FabrianoInAcquarello event that had become internationally important in the meantime. In 2015 and 2016 she was member of the Board Panel.

From 2014 to 2016 she was a board member of the Mussale System of the Province of Ancona.

In 2017 she inaugurated, as creator, the startup of the International Watercolor Museum, a collection of over 800 contemporary works of art on paper, .....


In 2017 she inaugurated, as creator, the startup of the International Watercolor Museum, a collection of over 800 contemporary works of art on paper, from the great Masters of the World.

The Museum is the first and only one of the kind in the world with a widespread “relational vision art” based in 80 countries.

(not my painting, but I did scenography for this Opera)

Since 2006, the year in which she officially begins her artistic activity, she participated in very large number of art national and international exhibitions,

and curated or co-curated more than 250 national and international exhibitions in cooperation with Bodies and organizations around the world.

The events she planned and curated are always done with particular attention to the evolution of relational art and to the research of visual expression.

She is currently engaged in artistic research with typical materials of her land (cellulose, hand-made paper, fabrics) and traditional techniques used in an unconventional way.

Solo exhibition: 2012 – Nomade ed Insofferente - Calcata, Rome

2018 – Nomade inter homines – Torre Tuglia, Sperlonga, VT

2020 – Deracinements – The French institute of culture in Thessaloniky, Greece

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