sergio macchioli

Nickname: sergio
Country: Italy - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

I have always loved pencils and colors and after my studies, I worked as a cartoonist and inker.

In the following years, although carrying out an activity that took me around the world, I maintained some collaborations that allowed me not to abandon the whole design.

In 1988 I started to paint in self-taught watercolor, attracted by the transparency of this medium.

I became interested in the watercolor technique in use in the early 1900s and then deepened the study of modern watercolor with the Spanish master Pedro Cano. Since then I still continue to search for the possibilities of expression of this fascinating medium.

I started exhibiting my works in 1997. I participated in Jabeek, Netherlands, at four editions of the "Art Exchange" event, some of my works are present in the REM gallery in Jabeek.

In 2010 I received a special mention at 1°International competition for watercolor " Marche d'Acqua".

Six of my works are actually in the Paper and Watermark Museum of Fabriano and one is in the International Watercolor Museum, recently established in Fabriano.

In spring 2019 I exhibited some works in the "Green Harmonies" exhibition, sponsored by the municipality of Rome in the museum Pietro Canonica in Villa Borghese.


Sergio Macchioli “Meridiana” Villa Borghese Roma. Italy

Blackberries cm 100 x 40

Pomegranate cm 56x38

Lace#2 cm60x60

quilted down jacket cm 60 x 40

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