Eleanor Mill

Nickname: Eleanor_Mill
Country: Russia - Role: Artist

I am the daughter of my time.

I was born into an atheistic society. The special significance of the concepts of sex, age, profession, religion, nationality, race, sexual orientation was not imposed on me, so these things do not matter to me even now.

I grew up in a troubled period when people in my country experimented with lawlessness. Those who chose to do what was right became the losers, while winners were the ones who took the easy way.

I live in a world where Art has ceased to be Artful, it has become Artificial. Enlightenment is not profitable. Marketing is the most valuable of the professions.


I was lucky to be born in St. Petersburg, one of the best cities in Russia. Although the pages of its grave history are quite dark, it has retained some real treasures. In rare hours of sunlight, this city can inspire. A trip to the Hermitage museum is like is an antidote for me, as it helps not to lose faith that people are capable of greatness.

My work is a balance on “the edge of a coin with two sides”. This is the search for harmony between nature and man. Is nature against man or man against nature?

I use traditional techniques. When studying space, I do a lot of road sketches as artists did in their Grand Tour. I look for material that will express my emotions better at a given point in time and space. Returning to the workshop, I reconstruct the image bit by bit. Here I already work on my own reality, which I bring into being. I visualize my imagination: what if people from a big city disappear? How ephemeral are we before the hundred-year-old giants created by our fellow tribesmen? Do we complement the greatness of Nature? This is one side of the coin - a song about beauty and might.

On the other side of the coin there are vices. I'm not at all sure that man is the crown of creation. 

Le Mont Gargan. 56x38 cm

Sakramental grains of mystery. Karlskapelle & Hubertskapelle, Aachen, Germany

Stille. Hvar

The Day light. Rome


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