Massimo Ciavarella

Nickname: Ciava
Country: Italy - Role: Artist

Ciava: mechanical technician, painter, in love with color.
My name is Massimo Ciavarella, I was born in 1973, I live on the shores of Lake Maggiore, in that part of the province of Varese called Costa fiorita. The passion for this technique was born in August 2000 in Tuscany where the green hills border the lands of warm ocher colors. The strength and the timeless beauty of these medieval villages conquered me, as well as the meeting with "the girl from the atelier" intent on painting those spectacular panoramas. To refine my artistic knowledge, I entrusted myself to two teachers, the painters Maria Bergonzoni and Valeria De Molli. My training is not just technical. I think that painting without content is not art and so I deepened my knowledge in the field of color. Thanks to Evelyn Gay, I understood the importance and hidden messages that belong to each color. Color is not just a pigment that makes many reds or greens different, color is transformation, knowledge, movement, feeling, vibration and ... madness. I learned to know the true essence of color, to understand its energy. I am proud of this wealth of knowledge because, every time I paint, I don't treat color as a material. Throughout this course of study a special friend has always been with me, music, especially House Music. It's part of me and my life, I've worked for years in the music business as a DJ. So living with each other, in those sounds with the rhythm of energy that turns inside you, leads my perception to become universal emotions. Last great satisfaction participating in Monza in Acquarello 2019 and 2020 And after Monza in Acquarello 2020 I was selected as an honorary member of the International Watercolor Academy for me great satisfaction.

56x38 Emotion Flowers

Luce 76x56

Waves 76x56

Tiffany 76x56

Jordan 105x76

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