Radosław Kuźmiński

Nickname: Kommar
Country: Poland - Role: Artist


I was born in Warsaw, Poland. I graduated with master’s degree in WSEiZ Warsaw. I am a self-taught artist, for several years I have been dealing with watercolor painting, drawing and graphics. My works adorn many private apartments. I belong to the Polish Watercolour Association. My last paintings could be seen in Poland and in the world:

2018 Domin Warsaw watercolor exhibition "Taxi in Havana" 
2019 Festival UrbinoAcquerello "Physalis"
2019 IWS Tirana International Watercolor Biennale 2019 "Jasmine"
2019 IWS International Watercolor Biennale Vietnam "Underwater beauty"
2019 Piastow Review of Artistic Creativity - distinction "Maple Leaf"
2019 Fabriano in Acquerello "Rain"
2019 Traveling exhibition Polish Watercolor Association "Red currant"
2020 Festival UrbinoAcquerello "The beginning of a secret"
2020 Wroclaw Magic of Places 100 Watercolors exhibition "Weeping willow"
2021 Tykocin Plein-air of the Polish Watercolor Association "Still winter", "Magnolia flowers"
2021 Lagow Plein-air of the Polish Watercolor Association "Backwaters of the Narew"



Frosty morning. 38 x 56

A walk in Lublin. Fabriano paper 38 x 56

Red currant. 56 x76

Birch-tree. Fabriano. 42 cm x 38

Breakfast on the grass. Fabriano 38 x 56.

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