Luciano Colucci

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I deeply love art. I tell myself through it, as it is the expression of ourselves. I tell my origins, my dreams, my colors through a fluid and spontaneous gesture, that of the brushstroke. A small gesture that pervades my soul, the brush slips, the color is fixed, the painting takes shape. Three steps a unique and priceless sensation that leads me to paint without stopping, without restraints or censorship, and I find myself rejoicing in my small but colorful world.

I am an eclectic and it is also found in what I portray, it does not matter the subject but what arouses me. I paint what makes me happy, with joy are pervaded even those paintings that may seem melancholic and sad, because they represent an unforgettable moment of life, one of those moments that remind me that you have to enjoy your existence, to rejoice in the little things and search for other moments so happy.




Gold Sailor


Looking beyond





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