Robbie Laird

Nickname: Robbie Laird
Country: United States of America (the) - Role: Artist

Robbie Laird, an innovative American painter, teacher, and juror, is a resident of California.  Her paintings are an exciting balance of ambiguity and specific detail. Using large brushes and flowing paint, her work dances on the edge of abstraction and realism. Sometimes using the unique qualities of flowing transparent pure watercolor to create mysterious rhythmic works, in other pieces she incorporates a variety of watermedia. Her paintings have received numerous awards in National and International exhibitions.

Laird is a signature member of several organizations including the National Watercolor Society, where she has twice received the Loa Sprung, top award for Non-Objective Painting. Also a signature member of Rocky Mountain National Watermedia, Watercolor West, and San Diego Watercolor Society, a full-juried member of the Society of Layerists in Multi-Media, she is affiliated with art associations nationwide. She shows in solo and group exhibitions and is represented by Village Galleries Maui,Hawaii.

Laird Served as President of National Watercolor Society, San Diego Watercolor Society, and for12 years was the Director of Kanuga Watermedia Workshops in North Carolina.  After completing her Master’s degree in Art Education, she became a Fine Arts curriculum consultant, giving workshops for teachers throughout California, the United States, and abroad.  As a highly sought-after instructor, she was named one of 20 Great Teachers of the last twenty years, by American Artist Magazine. Her articles and paintings have been in Watercolor Magazine, American Artist, and International Artist. Her work is in Splash, North Light Books, and the Artistic Touch.  Her video workshops, “Flowing Florals”, and a 3-part DVD Workshop titled “A Layered Watermedia Workshop”, are available on her website.

She says, "My paintings provide a journey into the spirit and rhythms of Natural connections." <

Solstice Sunset is a tribute to the beautiful endurance of ancient forests through seasonal climatic shifts. Watercolor and acrylic painted on 300# Fabriano Uno to depict layers of time and texture.

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