Gabriele Rinkleff

Nickname: Gabriele
Country: Germany - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

I studied pedagogics with the special field: Bildende Kunst (art). After teaching in primary school  for 36 years I startet in 2008 with painting in watercolour. My main subject is nature (trees, flowers, landscapes..)

Since 2013 I am member of the German Watercolor Society. In my studio in an old school-house near Hannover I paint in watercolor technique, make drawings and object. Here I lead workshops, organize exhibitions and projects with groups of peoples.

Landscape with Leine River

Landscape with old Trees

Bouquet of Flowers (Chrysamthenen)

Bunter Rosenstrau├č 76x56

Amaryllis 56x75

Berggarten, old Tree 56x76


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