Sheena Phillips

Nickname: Sheena
Country: Scotland - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist


Atmospheric landscapes connecting feelings to memories

'I love the drama of changing light.'

She wants to show her reaction to the changes in the skies and on the landscape. 

They set the mood of the painting. The colour of the land is changed by them. Sun streaming through clouds can light up the fields changing the land into a different patchwork of shapes in the blink of an eye.

Sheena gained her degree at Edinburgh College of Art and for a while worked as a furniture designer. Although she studied chemistry at Edinburgh University originally she realised that her calling was art and has painted in watercolour ever since. Sometimes she paints cities and building but more often you find her on the moors and by lochs and rivers.

Sheena has shown in private and public galleries including the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour, Mall Galleries, London and of course a number of years in FabrianoAcquerello.

She has taken on much comissioned work which as gone over the world.  She has been featured in magazines, tutors in person and online, takes workshops, demonstrates and gives talks for groups.








After the Storm. I was painting on the Scottish moors near Edinburgh. There had been a thunderstorm the night before. I turned to the south and saw this glow through the heavy clouds. The field boundaries came and went. It was mesmerising.

Sunlight on the moor 36x36cm

Light in the hills. Loch Faskally 26x26cm

The first snow. The Hermitage, Dunkeld 35x55cm

In remembrance 26x26cm

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