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 I believe that art is a special tool not only that humanity gives us, yes, art can generate changes in humanity.
We can think of art from many points of view because it is an engine
of transformations of instincts, impulses, in something more sublime, modified. From my perspective, Art promotes internal transformations to give life to each work.
As an artist I have to face the insecurity in front of the blank page, the amount of ideas, necessary, paralyzing and make them coincide with my desire to capture them and establish a dance between the water, the pigment so that that dance is transmitted to the spectator who looks. . Each work of mine has a part of me and each one is original and does not repeat itself. Although my style is marked and notorious, it is a constant search for the originality of each piece in which each of my works is and is no longer for me, but creates a new space between the viewer and me.
I love when the viewer can dialogue with my work, he can find forms, movements that I have not imagined this ... I always think my works as an one special space of comunication   and meeting must be between spectstors and me ...


"All my love, all my pain"

All my Joy, all my pain

“Between Kairos and Chronos “

Watercolor 56x76

Watercolor 56x76

Watercolor 56x76

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