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When I get into painting mode, everything else goes away. 

Hi, I am Puja Kumar, A Floral Watercolourist and an Educator. 

Passion is what defines everyone and painting is something which does that for me, watercolour to be exact. Being an introvert person, I have chosen my paintings to express my moods and feelings. 

Flowers seem to me as one of the purest forms on the earth never ceases to draw my attention in its natural form. I love to portray flowers, to sync with my emotions, with bright and intense colours. My emotions flow on paper with these colours. I mostly use analogous colours in my paintings. Analogues colours give you the sense of balance and serene. It communicates a message of tranquillity. 

As a child, I was driven by paints and colours but lost the direction due to studies, jobs & family responsibilities. An Engineer (Masters) by qualification but an Artist from within, I reoriented myself and decided to embrace my passion and haven’t looked back thereafter.   

I bridged the gap with Diploma in Fine Arts after a  gap of 17 years since my school. Though I love all the mediums but watercolour attracts me the most. Inspite of being technically complicated, its transparency and natural free flow has always excited me.  

Do visit my website and follow me on instagram to see my latest works and courses.

Thank you :)

Family (East Zone)

Dreamy 56cm x 38cm

22 x 22 inches


15 x 11 inches

Auspicious 20 x 14 inches

Regal 22 x 30 inches

Constellation 22 x 15 inches

Gladiolus Glory 28cm x 38cm

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