Dana Ingesson

Nickname: Dana
Country: Sweden - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

as in artist

As an artist, I carry many images within me.  I love to paint aquarelle but even in oil and acrylic in my studio in Tidaholm, Sweden. 

I see my art as my story, with colors and shapes being my word.

My  paintings are an expression of my feelings, life experiences, and emotional maturation. Working primarily in watercolor, I creates dreamy compositions that blend the figurative and the abstracted.
My choice of color palette and gestural brush strokes begin a conversation with my audience; drawing from my intellect, emotion, and intuition, I wants to inspire the viewer to acknowledge and engage with their own beliefs, emotions, and subconscious.
I has exhibited all over the world, including in France (Louvre Paris and Cannes), Monaco, India, Germany, Sweden, Italy, USA, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, Egypt, Qatar and Denmark. I has been honored with difference awards.Also I have been one of representatives for Nordic Countries in Fabriano 2020/2021 and in ECWS symposium in Ulm 2021. Recently I received a special mention from IWM in England  as Top 200 merit award.from 3725 applications.


Whispers on the horizon 56x37

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