Valentina Francescon

Nickname: Valentina Francescon
Country: Italy - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

My name is Valentina Francescon, I live and work in Cagliari, a beautiful city overlooking the sea, a source of great inspiration for me.

  My institutional studies have been directed towards technical drawing. In fact, for many years, the architectural and interiors design, the advertising graphics and the photography, were subjects that I was able to deepen even during my work experience. 

 My real passion however is art: painting, drawing, music, cinema, literature then, and has roots from an early age.  This has led me to always have pencils and colors in hand, to study as a self-taught, and to experiment with various techniques first in traditional, and later also in digital.

  Since 2018 I have been able to deepen other subjects dear to me such as illustration and character design, starting with a specific annual course, inspired by the Japanese animation masterpieces of Hayao Miyazaki in the first place, and by the well-known American Disney and Pixar.

 During the same year, with a short summer course, I took my first steps with watercolor towards a more serious and ever-increasing commitment. This versatile and expressive technique, which took my heart, allows me to combine technical knowledge with artistic ones, and to better express myself in my works.

  In 2020 my continuous work was rewarded with the selection for the Italy group of "The lost lighthouse" within the FabrianoinAcquarello international competition.

 I love watercolor in its contemporary and experimental forms.

For my inspiration I find myself, in style, closer to realist and hyperrealist artists, but my natural curiosity and sensitivity leads me, in addition to this, also to experiment towards more impressionistic styles.  All this contributes to the expressiveness in my formal research, which is still evolving.

Passenger side view - 56x38 cm. Fabriano paper - extra white - grana dolce - 640gr/mq

Valentina Francescon - Marina Piccola - 32x42cm

Valentina Francescon - The lost lighthouse - 38x56cm

Valentina Francescon - The secret garden - 38x56cm

Valentina Francescon - Via del Duomo - 38x56 cm

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