Sandor Szikszai

Nickname: Sandor
Country: Hungary - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello Leader

Sandor Szikszai is a Hungarian/Australian watercolor artist, curator, educator, Daniel Smith brand ambassador  After his return to Hungary, he engaged in watercolor art promotion and education. Established IWS Hungarian Branch in 2015, than Watercolor Academy in 2017. Became a Board member of IWS Global in 2016. He is also Leader of FabrianoinAcquarello Hungarian Artist Group and Local Hungarian Art Community "Free Artist Society"

He was the organizer-curator of the First Budapest International Watercolor Festival in September 2016. Publisher of the first International Watercolour Diary in 2018. Organizer - curator of the 2018 Budapest International Mail Art Exhibition. Country curator of the first Hungarian - Mexican dual country watercolor exhibition at Mexico City in 2018 February. Organiser - curator of the Dual Country Hungary - Mexico Watercolor Exhibition "Nuestro Mundo as la Acuarela" at Budapest in 2019 September. Organiser -curator BudapestinAcquarello 2021 

For the third year in a row he has been conducting regular joint painting sessions for a local watercolorist group at all levels and backgrounds how to explore and infuse their own painting styles with an admirable sense of life...

In his art Sandor is strong symbolists, his topics mostly selected by the call of internal spirit.

Either landscapes, still life or refined emotional portraits, his works are marked with delicate sense of composition, color, high craftsmanship and complete possession of the watercolor technique. 

He has been invited guest exhibitor for more than 35 worldwide international group exhibitions. His paintings are part of the collections of watercolour museums from China to Italy and private collectors.


Sandor Szikszai - Black Goddess

Rays of Hope 38 x 56

Rays of Hope 38 x 56

Newcastle Beach 56 x 76

Australian Newcastle Beach - 56 x 76

Newcastle Beach 56 x 76

Think Different 38x56

My Stone Garden 56 x 76

Stone Garden - 56x76

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