Divina Correa

Nickname: Divine
Country: Philippines - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist


Divina Correa Hail from Philippines. A Fine Arts major in Advertising/Commercial Arts graduate of the University Of Sto. Thomas in Philippines. One of her passions is to aspire to become a exceptional watercolor artist with the full support of family and friends. She now actively participate in exhibitions, both locally and abroad

As a Ceramic designer and as Art Dept. Head who worked  for a large Ceramic and Porcelain products company 

She working as a Packaging and label designer. Divina is also a photographer and computer software design enthusiast. 

She does commissioned watercolor paintings and participate extensively with art groups such as:

 Fabriano In Aqarello Italy, Urbino Aquarello, Paint A Picture In Watercolor, Freedom Art Society, Buenas Artes, PGW/IWS Philippines

Sunflowers in the Garden

Title: Dahlia Flowers Actual Size: 22 inches x 15 inches

Basset Hound Puppy - watercolor

Hummingbird - watercolor

Sunflowers in the Garden - Watercolor

Tilt bird - Watercolor

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