Ana Beatriz Sánchez

Nickname: ABeatrizS
Country: Costa Rica - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

Costa Rican visual artist

In my art work I combine different visual art techniques: acrylic, photography and watercolor, being this last one the most contemporary. I am mostly interested in topics related to: local Costa Rican identity and identity in constant change reflected on different cultures, architecture, urban planning and nature.

Watercolor technique allows me to express feelings, experiences and cultural interests with strength and spontaneity. Costa Rica is a great inspiration of my work due to the richness of its nature: forests, rivers, oceans, volcanoes and by far what I enjoyed the most which are flowers.

I’ve had participated in more than 120 national and international exhibits in countries such as: Costa Rica, China, Japan, Mexico, Italy and France. As a lifelong learner who constantly attends workshops and conferences I also design cultural projects in Costa Rica.  

I am an active member of the Costa Rica Watercolor Association



Nuevos aires 56 x 38 cm 2022

Vida 18 x 14 cm 2020

Arrozales 56 x 76 cm 2019

Fiesta en el puerto 56 x 38 cm 2017

#2020Horizon Crepúsculo, 2021

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