Nickname: DOMY
Country: France - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2024 Artist


I have been practicing watercolor for twenty years. and more particularly since I no longer have professional obligations. I like the transparency of this demanding medium, the freedom it provides and the power of its contrasts. Watercolor gives way to dreams, evokes without imposing, reveals without revealing. Each painting is an adventure, and seeing the pigments in the water evolve is exhilarating. Self-taught, I had the chance to cross paths with talented and generous international artists who allowed me to refine my technique. I draw my inspiration from nature, life scenes and characters. I also practice acrylic. Painting has become for me an inexhaustible passion and a great vehicle for sharing with others. I made this passion a reality in associations Aquarelle Reims Evénement and Pinceaux Passion en Champagne that I created in 2007 in Bezannes for Exhibitions, Master Classes. I subscribe to this platform to continue to SHARE my passion with Artists from all over the world!

 Je pratique l'aquarelle depuis une vingtaine d'années.  Autodidacte, j'ai eu la chance de croiser la route d'artistes internationaux talentueux qui m'ont permis d'affiner ma technique. J'aime la transparence de ce médium exigeant, la liberté qu'il procure et la puissance de ses contrastes.Je puise mon inspiration dans la nature, les scènes de vie et les personnages. L’aquarelle est devenue pour moi une passion inépuisable. Je préside l'association Pinceaux passion en Champagne depuis 2007 en Champagne où j'organise des expositions internationales et des master classes. 

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