Vladimir Chernetsky

Nickname: GuruKrasok
Country: Russia - Role: Artist

Creative biography

I live in St. Petersburg. Born on December 19, 1954 in the village of Matveevka (Shigim), Crimean region. I had start learn drawing and oil painting at the children's art school.

Graduated from the Leningradodejda school of sewing design in 1986. I worked as a pattern-maker at a men's fashion atelier and later as fashion designer at author's studio. Next I joined Mariinsky Theatre (Opera & Ballet) as lead pattern-maker artist.

During all of my life I have been drawing watercolor sketches of modern and historical clothing models. I haven't professional art education however I am permanently engaged in art self-education for decades. I had focus on watercolour painting at 2016. Member of the Russian Union of Artists since 2008. Member of the Society of Watercolours of St. Petersburg since 2021. Participated at five exhibitions:

I am passionate researcher of watercolors and pigments. For that reason I was invited by manufacturer as expert to evaluate the new line of Pinax EXTRA watercolors in 2020.

Some of my works are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Australia.

I'm a seagull too! Take me with you! Lana Aquarelle Watercolor paper 56x38 cm

I'M YOUNG AND HOT! DMD Watercolor paper 56х36 cm

Pleasure of pure morning. Fabriano Artistico Watercolor paper 56х38 cm

The sun in the nets

Melody of the white night

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